Executive Board Meeting

The next Executive Board Meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday February 21, 2016 at  the Trini Mendenhall Sosa Community Center,1414 Wirt Rd., Houston. 

KIK Mtg – Sockathon!

The February program will be a sockathon, so bring a sock pattern, needles and yarn as we all knit socks. Helpers will be available to those first timers. Ann Furlough will teach casting on for 2 at a time socks, cuff down. For this you will need a 47″(or longer) circular needle.

KNOW Mtg – Knit-A-Long

We begin our annual KAL this month.  This will be a short 1 month KAL.  We will be knitting hats for charity, and have plenty of donated yarn for this purpose.  Please bring needles in the 9 to 11 range to start a hat at the meeting.  Pick out some of the donated yarn and start your hat.  The hats will be collected at the February meeting to be distributed.


  • US 9 – 11 size needles

KNOT Mtg – Cast-on, Bind-off

The KNOT January meeting will focus on cast-on and bind-off pairs. This will be a member-led session featuring techniques that work well together. This is part 1 of 2.

KIK Mtg – New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the start of the new year which means it’s resolution setting time! While you’ve probably set your 2017 personal and professional goals by now; join us in setting some craftier knitting and crochet goals.

SoCK Mtg – EDIT: Roundtable Lace Discussion

It’s a new year, so it’s time for SoCK’s Annual New Year, New Technique! Craftsy Class.  This year we will be learning about making lace shawls.  For the next four months (January – April), we’ll be watching the “My First Lace Shawl” class, taught by Anna Dalvi.  You do not need to purchase the class to watch.  But, if you want the pattern taught in the class, you do need to purchase it.  So whether you’ve always been intimidated by lace and/or shawls, or you’ve whipped out a few hundred, come and learn!


SoCK will now be meeting at Taqueria Arandas. Our program will be a round table on our favorite Lace Shawl Patterns.

The Craftsy class will begin at next month’s meeting. 

CHIX Mtg – Vertical Stranding

Come join us and learn another technique for adding color to your work. We will be exploring Lorilee Beltman’s technique of vertical stranding. This technique appeared in Vogue knitting spring/summer 2015.

  • A ball of yarn for your main color
  • 2 to 4 high contrasting yarns (at least 4-8 feet of each color)
  • A darning-needle

All yarn (main and contrasting colors) should be the same weight; either DK or Worsted weight is recommended. 

  • Cast on 48 stitches in the round in any technique that you choose with your main color yarn and knit for 1 inch.

KNIT Mtg – Shawls in History and Fashion

“Shawls in History and Fashion” is a presentation prepared and performed by Ukrainian fiber artist Madlyen Suprun (Maddie from Yarntopia).
In this hour Maddie will guide you through the history of shawl as a part of high fashion and daily life. You will hear about different kinds of shawls and their significance in different cultures. The presentation also includes an interactive part where Maddie will show you how to style and wear different kinds of shawls, scarfs, wraps and cowls. Guests are welcome to bring their knitted, crocheted or weaved treasures to try out new ways to show their yarn art!

KIK Mtg – Christmas Potluck

We will have a Christmas potluck and optional gift exchange. If you want to participate bring a knitting themed gift around $15. Everyone will contribute something for the potluck. 


KNOT Mtg – Holiday Potluck

The November KNOT meeting will be held the 3rd Thursday (Dec 15), in place of the 4th Thursday due to Christmas
We will have a potluck and yarn exchange. Please bring your favorite savory or sweet dish to share, and 1 to 2 skeins of nice yarn. Please label the outside of the package with the weight of yarn.