KNIT Mtg – Making Tassels

Phyllis Tucker is presenting three easy ways to make decorative tassels to use with knitting.  Although there is a crochet hook in the supply list, these tassels are not made using the crochet method.  Phyllis will also bring samples, instructions, and the tools that she has.


Supply list
  1. A 7 1/2 inch piece of cardboard to wind tassels
  2. About 40 yards  of smooth knitted worsted ( not single ply)
  3. A medium crochet hook 
  4. a largish yarn needle 
  5. scissors
  6. 12 inch ruler  
  7. A short pair of size 7 knitting needles 
  8. A tassel maker if you have one* 
*If you want to buy one Amazon has A Clover Tassel Maker for $8.66

SoCK Mtg – Block your Shawl

Due to a number of technical difficulties, we will not be watching the remainder of the “My First Lace Shawl” Craftsy class.  But never fear!  For those of you wondering how to block your beautiful shawl, we got you covered.  In June we will be holding a Round Table discussion on blocking.  We will be discussing all the different ways to block projects (pinning, steaming, ironing, dryer) and which method works best for which type of fiber.  So bring your blocking knowledge, questions, and that crumpled shawl that’s been banished to the back of the yarn closet.

CHIX Mtg – Yarn Pooling

Sandy Zeringue, formerly of Knitting in the Loop, will be doing a presentation on yarn pooling. You may bring your own yarn for her to look at. Don’t bring Noro yarns, the runs are too long. No gradation or speckled yarns either.
Bring your sample blocks from last month’s shadow/illusion for show and tell, there is money bucks involved. 

KNOT Mtg – Kumihimo Braiding

Paula Fortenberry will present Kumihimo braiding!  Please bring scissors that you don’t mind cutting paper with and two highly contrasting smooth yarns from dk to worsted.

KNOW Mtg – Hack Your Knitting

The KNOW meeting will be on May 22 to avoid conflict with Memorial Day.   


Knitting Hacks.  We will present some knitting hacks — those helpful tips and techniques that are a little outside the knitting norms.  Do you have a favorite knitting hack?  Please be prepared to share with the group.

KIK Mtg – Social

The May 20th meeting will have no program other than relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. 

SoCK Mtg – My First Lace Shawl Lessons 4 & 5

Last month we were supposed to watch supposed to watch lessons 4 & 5, but technical difficulties prevented us from watching the lessons. So this month we’ll be watching them.

You do not need to purchase the class to attend the meetings, but if you want to view it on your own time, or if you want the pattern, you do need to purchase the class. Make sure to purchase it from the Craftsy link on the KANG website. (KANG gets a portion of the proceeds for every class purchased that way).

The schedule for the classes is:

Lesson 4 – Simple Mistakes Along the Way
Lesson 5 – Fixing a …Section

Lesson 6 – Completing the Shawl
Lesson 7 – Blocking & Care

CHIX Mtg – Auction and Illusion Knitting

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Paula is finally ready to auction off the long awaited knitted and crochet items. Bring all those bucks that have been passed out at the Chix’s meetings. You may combine your bucks or pass them along. At this time, there are 12 items and maybe more by meeting time.  There will also be an introduction of illusion knitting, also known as shadow knitting. Please bring two highly contrast yarns like black and white in order to see great results. DK or worsted with needle size 1 to 2 sizes smaller than called for.  

KNIT Mtg – Double Knitting

Chriztine Kirk will present a program on double knitting.  The homework instructions will be emailed to the chapter members since it was a pdf document with  multiple pages.  If non-chapter member would like a copy, please email Pam Lee at

KNIT Mtg – Beaded Waves Cuff

We are making the beaded waves cuff this month.  The kits were purchased directly from Laura Nelkin and our very own, Crystal Smith, will guide us through the process.  Participants should bring the following supplies:
1.  Size 1, 2 or 3 needles (patterns calls for size 2, but bring your preferred size/type)
2.  Measuring tape
3.  Beading mat or small cloth for workspace


Optional items:
1.  Fleegle Beader or
2.  1.15 mm – 1.25 mm crochet hook