KNIT Mtg – Web Navigation

This month we’ll be learning about how to navigate the KANG website, as well as what resources and information it contains. We’ll also open up discussion on general online knitterly resources such as navigating Ravelry and KnitCompanion. Bring your gadgets if you want to follow along during the presentation!! 

KIK Mtg – FiberArt Gadgets

We will be sharing gadgets that make knitting/crochet easy. Please bring your favorite gadget that you use. We will be also making portable counters.

SoCK Mtg – Knitting Origins

Have you ever wondered about the origins of knitting?  Stopped to think, who came up with the idea of taking two sticks and some string and making a sock?  Just how old is knitting?  What were the first knitted items?  Wonder no more.  Come learn about the beginnings of knitting through the medieval period.  Learn about where knitting began and what people in the dark ages knitted.  There will be pictures of pieces from the medieval age, reproductions, and patterns based upon historical pieces.  All taught by a noble woman from the 1300s. 

CHIX Mtg – August 2017


Make four small swatches using smooth, light colored yarn.  It is easiest to see with worsted weight yarn, but any weight yarn and appropriate needles will work.  Wet block them so the edges lay flat.  
Swatches 1 and 2:
Cast on 6 stitches, leaving a 10″ tail.  Work 16 rows in stockinette stitch, then work 16 rows in garter stitch.  On these swatches DO NOT slip the selvedge stitches. Bind off, leaving a 10″ tail for seaming.
Swatches 3 and 4:  
Cast on 10 sts and work 10 rows of stockinette stitch.  DO NOT bind off these swatches but leave each on a needle.  We will join the live stitches wth 3-needle bind-off, then crochet the selvedges together.
Bring with you:
  • Yarn for seaming, the same as your swatches or a similar yarn of a different color
  • Darning or tapetry needle.
  • Another knitting needle of the size used for your swatches
  • Crochet hook of appropriate size for your swatch yarn.  (Size H is good with worsted weight yarn.)
  • Scissors